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Merton Wedding London

Italian Wedding
January 25, 2018
Lauren and Joe chose a traditional London registry office to hold their wedding ceremony, with its warm wood and green walls, their chosen white flowers standing out beautifully. Everyone gathered awaiting the arrival of the bride, the day being a touch cool so pretty scarves and jackets were the order of the day. Purple accenting their suits, the gentlemen waited for the arrival of the bridge, who was preceded by her bridesmaid in silver and purple dresses. Wiping a happy tear from her eye, Lauren joined Joe before the registrar’s desk for the ceremony. The couple exchanged rings and kisses before standing together as man and wife for the first time.

The pair paused on the marble staircase of the venue with its plush red carpet for a few shots before joining their guests. The beauty of Lauren’s dress could truly be seen trailing down the steps as could their joy at being married. Outside, they also paused with the marble columns of the building framing them before being joined by friends and family for some groups shots. They crossed to the grounds of the venue to have a few pictures before the ancient trees and enjoy a quiet moment before re-joining their guests for the rest of the day.

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